All dog owners–please be considerate

In response to concerns raised by neighbors reporting that some dog owners are not picking up after their dogs, the board has asked that this announcement be placed on our website.

Please be sure to clean up after your dogs.  Homeowners have proposed a couple of solutions.  One would be to install poop bag dispensers in the neighborhood for those owners who find themselves out walking their dog but who have forgotten to bring a bag with them.  This would require some maintenance of the dispensers and also the need to refill them on some regular basis.  Certainly there would be a cost involved.

Another recommendation—and this from an owner who noted that reminders have not worked in the past—was that individuals should be fined and perhaps that would instill some responsibility.  That solution might well require a mini-security force, and so it does not seem practical.

So, once again we respectfully request that dog owners be considerate of their neighbors and be sure to clean up after your pets.  That would then preclude the need to implement EXTREME MEASURES!