Mosby Mountain Installing Gigabit Fiber Internet in 2022!

We are excited to announce that Mosby Mountain will be installing gigabit fiber internet to all of our 119 homes in 2022!

At our recent special meeting, the Board voted unanimously to approve a 7-year bulk contract with Lumos Fiber to provide gigabit fiber internet to each home for $45/month. The board received proposals from, and offered opportunities to, multiple vendors including Ting and Century Link before settling on Lumos as the right combination of price, customer service and reputation.

Like our trash and recycling, this service will be included in your HOA dues after installation and is yet another benefit of living in our wonderful community.

Service Details:

  • Includes 1 gigabit internet (1000mbps) with symmetrical speed profile (1 gigabit download by 1 gigabit upload capabilities).
  • Includes 1  Wi-Fi 6 router (or homeowners can use their own compatible wifi routers).
  • Individual homeowners can opt to upgrade to 2 gigabit speed for $20/month additional charge.
  • Individual homeowners also have the following optional add-on services: Lumos installation of mesh wifi system, streaming TV, digital voice and home security.


  • As approved at the July 30, 2020 special meeting of the members (minutes), member dues will increase for all homeowners by $45 / month once installation is completed.
  • Homeowners who do not wish to utilize the fiber internet service with Lumos have that option, but the dues increase is for all members regardless of service activation.

Timing & Installation:

  • Lumos aims to start neighborhood trenching in early 2022 with an estimated completion and hook-up at each home by June 2022.
  • Lumos will work with each homeowner to schedule and determine the proper location of installation from the main fiber line to your home.
  • In most cases micro-trenching will allow for fiber installation with minimal land disruption.
  • You will receive updates as we near installation with more details and further contacts as we move into the home connection final phase of install.

Thank you to those community members who have worked to achieve this partnership which will keep Mosby Mountain an attractive place to live and work for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be data caps? Either on individual accounts or the neighborhood as a whole?

No Data Caps

You’re providing 1 wifi router (wifi 6 i assume?) for each house or people can use their own compatible routers (CORRECT?). But I know you provide mesh set-ups as an added service to homeowners (with added fees) do you have a ballpark on what that runs for a house our size?

1 WiFi 6 Router included. Mesh WiFi costs $10 monthly (covers basement to attic), and residents can use personal routers as well.

Is it like FiOS where if a customer selects internet AND TV, then they would HAVE to use your provided router because then it also taps into coax, etc.

Our TV is a Streaming service, so they would just need a compatible Smart TV or use a Fire Stick to download the LumosTV app.

Is there a theoretical limit of how fast the internet can be on the type of fiber you’re installing? i.e. 5gigs, 50gigs, 1tb, etc.

Currently our network can provide up to 10GIG

What will homeowners choices of install location be and if they have special requests will those be added costs? I assume the regular install included in our rate would allow the homeowner to select which side of the house? Or is that limited by you wanting to install it on same side as current utilities access the house? The “special requests” might be people wanting the access point to be installed off ground level (i.e. 2nd story) but I think that would be a rarity.

We typically come into the house where the power utilities enter. When we are ready to install services, we will contact each resident to notify them, and they can discuss with our technicians options for installation location. If proper wiring and power is available, we will be able to connect our equipment.